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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Getting started..

Is actually surprisingly scarier than i envisaged! I suppose the big, fat fear of rejection that actually nobody is really going to care what i have to say.. but oh well. It's also the small fact that maybe i don't have all that much interesting stuff to blog about. Shall have to see!
Thought i'd include a photo of myself just to get the ball rolling..
Not all of my photos shall be 'artsy' black and white but this seemed to be the only decent recent one i could find!
As a small introduction, i'd like to just tell you about what i do etc etc.. i'm a student at a sixth form in Nottingham and my most favourite A level is Art textiles, i like making clothes and whatnot so the whole creative side of fashion is my bag really and i plan to study fashion this time next year at uni! On here i'd like to post a weekly 'good buy' find on the highstreet with either something i've purchased that week or something to go on the wishlist! Now, with being a student its needless to say i have a rather small budget.. so i'll be blogging my favourite bits and bobs from the high street and vintage shops and occasionally giving my opinion on trends and certain items! I'll probably do my first official post on Thursday/Friday, by then hopefully at least one blogger might have noticed i exist over here! EVEXO

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