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Sunday, 4 December 2011


So these where the basics of my outfit! I got this jumper last week in Bristol's Urban Outfitters in their Renewal section or £30 which I thought was rather reasonable! The Leather Shorts are from Freshman's in Sheffield that I bought this summer and the shoes are about 2 year old brogues from New Look! I had a few jewellery bits and bobs that I forgot to photograph, sorry! Also I apologise for the pictures, my camera is dying a death and the focus is terrible! Time for a new one I think. Here are the items I bought at the CSL:

These are the things I bought yesterday! Pictured first is a vintage scarf I got for £5 which I thought was very good value, its a thick scarf as well so I was very pleased! Second item is a vintage jumper from a different stall called Oh So Retro for £15 (very good value!!) which I LOVE! I don't think that the picture does it justice entirely because it's a bit darker than that in person! As you may have guessed I am a bit obsessed with jumpers with sparkle, this is my third, ha. The T-shirt I think is amazing, its cute and really individual, it cost me £15 and they had the best t-shirts ever frankly, it was a toss up between getting this one or one with Vivienne Westwood on the front (i heart her). I didn't catch the name of the stall, there's a label on the back saying 'gypsy lane' but i googled it and got nothing so i'm really annoyed about that because I want loads more of these! I'll just have to hope they're there next year and buy like ten. Here are two rings I bought, I got the black and white one from the same stall as the scarf and that was £3 which is a steal! I got the green stone one which i'm in love with and the seal necklace below for £10, there was this amazing stall that had SO much vintage jewellery it was incredible, it was 2 for £10 or individually £7, every piece was different and I litterally could have bought the whole stall! I love this seal necklace, I saw it and though OMG THAT'S SO CUTE and that was it, there was no stopping me! Anyhow this is my 'haul' hope you like the items! Below is a bit more background on my day!

So as you know from above I went to the Clothes Show Live 2011 yesterday, for some people
who might not know what it is, it's basically a huge event held in Birmingham's NEC arena which is ridiculously huge and all kinds of clothing brands and small shops, private boutiques, cosmetic companies etc etc all go and have a stall there and sell their stuff for (usually) discounted prices! There's also a live catwalk show where designers who, some of which, are at the show, get to put their items down the runway. It's hard to describe if you haven't been but there's always a theme to it and there's a group of dancers and a group of models who are in the show and it's usually a pretty fantastic. This years I think has to be my favourite, mainly because i fell in love with one of the male models! If any of you watch 90210, he looked like Liam!! who is amazingly gorgeous. also BB from Dirty, Sexy Things was modelling who is also rather hot. Kimberly Wyatt also performed which was kinda cool and the hottest of them all Mr George Lamb presented, swoon! So kudos for that! The stalls seemed 100x better this year than ever before! They have the usual brands like Superdry, Bench, Punky Fish, Paul's Boutique etc but I never bother looking at them because they're clothing really isn't my thing! Two years ago when i went they had one big vintage stall go which I got nearly everything I bought that day from! I was very pleased to see they had formed a vintage market section in the 'boutique' section of the arena so there were many amazing vintage stalls! Above I've pictured what I wore firstly, sadly me and my sister had a bit of a rush to get out the door and A. forgot to take a picture of myself to show you guys and B. forgot to take the cameras to the actual show... very silly. Though on arriving it said that no photography was allowed but I would have tried a nifty snap anyway but oh well, if you go on the Clothes Show Live website i'm sure it'll give you a clearer idea of what it's like! I've also posted the stuff I bought and shortly after this will post a separate post on Model's Own (a goody bag style thing I bought whilst I was there!

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