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Thursday, 26 April 2012

My ring collection!

Hello once again! So i thought i'd do a little interesting post today with my rings! It seems like my collection has really bulked up recently because everyone knows i'm on a ring binge and keeps buying me them which is awesome! SO, i have a fair few to show but I've organised them so that there sort of in groups? I'll add a little description with each picture like where i got them from etc, i probably won't remember the price of anything of them though but none are over like £8 haha! Love EVEXO

Family Portrait! (There aren't all my rings, just the ones i wear the most really!

 Firstly, sorry about the weird background, i used a sketchbook so they would stand out.. aha. 
My gold collection L-R: Blue stone : ASOS, Triangle : Topshop, Pyramid style : Topshop, Tall Triangles : Topshop, Green Stone : Vintage, Two rings with crosses: Topshop, Bird rings: Topshop.

 ALL these silver rings are from LLYMLRS

 Other silver bits L-R: Rose: Accessorize, Triangles: Topshop, Four rings - I made myself!! (real silver)

I put these together because they all came in a set thing! (apart from the red/brown skull on the left, i just didn't know where else to put it!) All from Topshop, a birthday present from my best friend Millie!


  1. Some cute rings, I'm not really a ring person I'm always scared that one will get stuck and ill have to get it sawed off ! I just have one single gold ring that stays on all the time. xx

  2. What an awesome collection! I wish my fingers weren't so stubby so I could wear loads of rings xoxo