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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Bag included and inside: Pink lip gloss, clear lip gloss, pink and blue duo eye shadow, black glitter nail varnish, bronze and gold duo eye shadow, blue eye shadow dust, purple eye shadow dust, 'disco' pink/purple/blue nail varnish, gold glitter nail varnish, red lip liner, orange lip liner, peach lip balm, ultra waterproof mascara, nail buff.

So, at the CLOTHES SHOW LIVE I decided to pick up a Models Own goody bag, the deal was you chose three items (they had all their stock out so you could choose absoloutly anything regardless of price) then you got a bag with 12 pieces of other free stuff, all for £10! I thought this deal was actually incredible. Their polishes are sold at £5 each normally so even getting 3 of those was worth it without all the cool stuff you received then in the bag! I'll admit that not all of it i'll wear, for example the pink and blue duel eye shadow just isn't to my taste but I know I can put it in a present for a friend for example, the same with the pink lip gloss, it's a really lovely gloss but pale pink really doesn't suit me at all, but again, perfect to give to a friend! All the other stuff is amazing, I also got a really cool gold eye liner which is sort of like a felt pen which I annoyingly forgot to photograph but that is so lovely, I really love gold right now, maybe it's the Christmas spirit in me! I was glad to see they had slightly co-ordinated the stuff in my bag, some thought must have gone into each one when they were packing them all up because I got 2 gold items, 3 pink and 2 blue which I don't think is co-incidental! I think (emphasis on think!!) that this may have been their first time at CSL but they by FAR had the best deal out of all of the other cosmetic companies there! Rimmel are usually my go-to for cosmetic goody bag there but this year I was really disappointed with what they had to offer, again it was priced at £10 but you only had two choices of things either one set with certain things in or another and usually you have three choices, colours and stuff varies, as do the Models Own bags but it all seemed a bit samey. Every year I've bought the Rimmel bag (4 times now) and I've always thought it was incredibly value for money but this year, for me, seemed a bit half arsed. You only got, like, 6 items I think? One mascara, a couple of small nail varnishes and some lipstick or something but I wasn't drawn to it at all. I think the clincher for me with the Models Own was the pick your 3 first, I chose the 3 nail varnishes because I knew a nail varnish wasn't already in the bag and I've been eyeing up Models Own nail varnishes now for a few months but the price has always put me off because I didn't know whether they were worth the money, trust me, they so are. I've tried out all 3 of mine and they're SO GOOD. I've got the gold on my fingers now and it dries so fast, only takes two coats for full glitter coverage and the fincal thing looks so pretty. I think my favourite has to be the disco one, I put it on my toe nails for 'fun' ha, and it looks even better than it does in the bottle! I was tempted to post a picture but then again i wasn't too sure about having a photo of my feet on my blog, maybe a step to far in the personal direction ha! Over all I can't think of enough complimentary things to say about this bag, maybe there was an element of luck in getting the colour items that I did but in terms of value for money, it's a seriously great idea (all items together were worth £85, mad.) so if you're going later on in the week (finishes on Wednesday!) I would get one or if you want to take the plunge with Models Own but have been put off the price, i'd say it's well worth it for those special nail varnishes. I know i'm a fashion blogger by name but I thought this was worth doing really, it just seemed like a good thing to tell you guys about so I hope you don't mind me delving into beauty for a post or two! I won't do regular make-up haul posts or anything because frankly I don't think it would be interesting enough! (i'm more maybelline than illamasqua) ANYHOW, hope you enjoyed my double dosage of postage today (ha) and i'll be back soon! LOVE XOXOXO

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