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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My favourite nail polishes!

Aqua Glitter (L) & Racing Green (R)
So, i don't have many BarryM nail varnishes because i was put off them a couple of years ago, but i bought these two recently because BarryM had an offer on and honestly, i'm really impressed! They are really hardwearing and the glitter one especially is a really gorgeous colour, perfect for all seasons. I also think that BarryM are really quite reasonably priced for the amount you get and the variations! 

(L-R) Purple-Blue Beetle Juice,  Disco Mix, Gold Finger, Aqua Violet Beetle Juice, Juicy Jules & Utopia.
I think it has to be said that Models Own are my favourite brand of nail varnish, they do some beautiful colours and i love the way they bring out 'collections' such as Beetlejuice collection and Headkandi etc. The formula is really great, they don't chip or bubble perticualry and there hasn't been one that i've been that dissapointed with! Plus i adore the packaging.. aha.

 (L-R) Ink Stain, Uptown, Downtown, Lexington Yellow, Water Street Blue, Lavender Cupcake, Fashion Ave. Fuchsia (not pictured) 
NYC is one of those brands that just isn't mentioned very often and i'm not really sure why! I love every single nail varnish i've ever bought of theirs but i wish there was a bigger selection, i don't feel like they've brought out that many, i have a few more than these and i feel like i've already got most the colours really! I also love the fact they have really cute NYC names!


Hey guys! Sorry i haven't posted in such a long time, i've been a bit ill with a chest infection and i managed to lose my cable for my camera... As of a few weeks from now i will be attending college so i'm hoping to do a college OOTD for you ideally three times a week! I shall be doing some anyway over the next couple of weeks but it's so easy to get lazy when it's the holidays with style etc so i'll try and make more of an effort! Hope you enjoyed my favourite nail polishes, thankyou! Evexo

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