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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Style inspirations A/W 12'

Hello one and all, so heres something a little different today, i thought i would do an 'inspirations' post because i'll be honest, i feel like my summer style differs from my winter style. My taste is evolving all the time and now i'm back in England i suddenly had an urge to throw away anything summery and revert back to black, velvet and leather, terrible i know. Autumn/Winter is oddly by far my favourite season for clothing because i just prefer the looks and clothes! Plus you don't have to worry that you look too pale in your Levi's which is a bloody relief. So here are some of the beautiful women that inspire me for A/W.

For those of you who don't know who this amazing girl is, she's Shenae Grimes from 90210 and i think her style is faultless. I've never seen a photo of her and thought 'Shit what is she wearing?!' She's stunning. Her character on 90210 'Annie' also has impeccable taste, as do all the characters, if i could steal the clothes from any show, hands down it would be 90210. I don't own disco pants but i have two pairs of the legging versions which i adore and have not stopped wearing since i got them, i also LOVE cropped jumpers, i have about 5 now and it's August.. but when is the weather ever hotter than jumper weather, really?!

On to the beautiful, British Fearne Cotton, this lady has been my style crush since i was about 8, honestly. I think the way she styles rock chic with a girly edge is entirely inspiring and makes me run to grab my black skinnies. Leather jackets are the one thing i think i will still be wearing well into old age, i think they are timeless and make every outfit so-much-better. It's one of the one things i will wear every single season and will never let me down. Heeled ankle boots are a MUST for my wardrobe in winter, i feel like they make me feel more mature but in a good way. In summer my style is a bit more colourful and a bit younger actually than my winter looks but i feel much more comfortable in my A/W get-up. My best friend has just had her hair done almost exactly like this and i'm SO jealous, i wish i could pull of the Fearne barnett.

And onto one of my hearted women of all time, Mary Kate Olsen. This girl as the wardrobe i could only dream of and more, and the legs also. I have been in love with this picture for about two years, yes it's not current but it's SO fashion forward, which is what i love about MK, she is always ahead of trends and setting them. I chose this photo in particular because this is basically a staple look for me minus the huge gorgeous shoes. I would go for the healed anke boots instead but i must have about 9 plaid shirts by now, they're sort of my obsession, in all shapes and colours, some i like loose like this and others i like fitted but still a good length etc, all vintage too because they really do have the best patterns. Leggings will always be a go to item for me because i really do love comfort, i'm forever in a baggy band tee, leggings of some sort and a leather jacket, it's like my comfort blanket! Tragic, i know.
So! I hope you have found this a little interesting, lots and lots of love Evexo


  1. loved this post a lot! autumns my favourite season so seeing these types of posts makes me want it to come even soon haha xo

    1. Me too! Summer in England is depressing but i love A/W for some reason haha! xx

  2. they all look freakin' amazing :) really like black at the moment and I can understand you! but here in germany it's the exact opposite :'/ so hot!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

    1. I know right! Haha, me too, such a habit! Oh gosh i wish it was here, my boyfriend is in Berlin at the moment and probably getting a nice tan, so jealous haha. I love your blog btw! :) xox

  3. ah I love wearing cropped jumpers with my disco pants, that's what I plan on living in for the next six months! xx

    1. Me too, i'm literally addicted to this look already and it's August haha xx